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Mon, Apr 1 2013

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Fight Gone Bad on Jun 29, 2018 (1054 days ago)

Fight Gone Bad

'fight gone bad'

3 rds of
wall balls 20/14
sdhp 75/55
box jumps 20'
push-press 75/55
row for cal
work for 1 minute at each station for max reps
1minute rest between rounds
partner up and count for them.

50% 50%
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Jasveen191 Rx
Holly M252 Rx
Twitch268 Rx
Jennybeast206 Rx
Jen218 Rx
Sean T300 Rx
Jamie F367 Rx 2nd
Jan184 Rx
Dana T204 Rx
Joanna216 Rx 8th
Cecil217 Rx 7th
Candace183 Rx 187 - July 2012 ugh
Glen301 Rx
Cam305 Rx

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