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Tue, Sep 24 2013

Happy Birthday: Philip & Kiran b
Welcome: Mellissa
Most Recent Benchmark:
Fight Gone Bad on Jun 29, 2018 (1054 days ago)

Fight Gone Bad

'fight gone bad'

3 rds of
wall balls 20/14
sdhp 75/55
box jumps 20'
push-press 75/55
row for cal
work for 1 minute at each station for max reps
1minute rest between rounds
partner up and count for them.

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Holly M268  Push press bar weight was wrong
Cookie270 Rx
Liam277 Rx
Raj G154  everything was rx but wallballs-12lbs
Julia S250 Rx
Tyler269 Rx
Jennybeast214 Rx
Maureen242 Rx
Michelle M180 Rx Eff you wallballs.
Kal319 Rx
Collin246 Rx 5th 51 rep improvement from last F.G.B. WOD WOO HOO
Kyle ak282 Rx
Twitch292 Rx Improved from 268 in April
Mclovin357 Rx
Aman D169  12WB, 45 push press
Mellissa299 Rx
SloMo191 Rx What a great wod to come back too!
Sheldon352 Rx
Sam267 Rx
Sean L267 Rx re-named work at puke or sh!t... for obvious reasons
Chady255 Rx
Norris276 Rx Thanks for the special 'Birthday round' guys!
Esther265 Rx

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